Then and now

At the beginning of F. Ménard in 1961, there was a man. A passionate man, honest and hard-working. A man determined to succeed. A man for whom innovation was not optional…

His vision? To develop an integrated production model and control each step in the production process.  Surround himself with the best. Nothing less.

This vision led him to be the first in Quebec to partner with farmers, who are still considered part of the extended Ménard family today.  Specifically, F. Ménard supplies animals and feed to the farmers, who in turn provide their facilities and their labour.

More than 50 years later, the business has carved its niche among the leaders of the pork industry either in the local retail market as well as in export markets.

A couple years later, three sons took over the torch. Through them, the family tradition have endured, a guarantee of trust, know-how and success. In 2020, the company have been sold to two divisions of La Coop fédérée : Sollio Agriculture and Olymel. 

More than ever, the business is proud to produce healthy, tasty pork meat of incomparable quality. Meat that is truly worthy of F. Ménard’s seal of excellence.

Activity sectors

Control Each Step Of The Production Process To Ensure The Quality Of The Final Product

  • Animal Husbandry

    Total command and permanent control

  • Animal Feed

    Direct impact on the quality of the meat

  • Transport

    Outstanding transport service

  • Meat Cutting Plant

    Innovate for quality

  • Meat processing plant

    Pork enthusiasts

Our Associate Producers

Each day, 225 families pour their hears into their work. Week after week, they work together to remain a leading player; ahead of the latest techniques and of the most recent technologies in terms of animal husbandry. 

If F. Ménard is such a success today, it is in large part due to the members of its “extended family”. Discover the passion that drives them…Meet our farmers!


Mastering The Origin Means Ensuring Quality

Research and Development

To keep abreast of developments in pork and food production, f. ménard has its own research unit, which carries out more than thirty tests per year.


Since F. Ménard aims at achieving the highest standards of safety, the company has instilled a rigorous biosecurity program, which prevents the introduction of new infectious agent in its herds.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a constant concern because healthy products come from healthy animals. Strict measures were introduced by the company to ensure that basic needs and natural behaviours of all F.Ménard animals are taken into consideration.

Sustainable development

F. Ménard constantly improves its practices to protect the environment. In addition to the integration of a number of other practices to reduce its water consumption and its carbon footprint, F. Ménard is actively involved in different committees to improve its performance day in and day out.

We hire!

We hire!

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