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Due to its commitment to the development of its community, and since it wishes to participate actively in a variety of events, F. Ménard supports a number of activities annually through sponsorships and partnerships. 

Targeted sectors
  • Organizations based in the Montérégie region
  • Events linked to gastronomy and the pleasures of eating
  • Family-related activities 
Duration of agreements

The duration of agreements is generally limited to a single event, which means that organizers of annual events will need to submit a new application for each future edition. Company priorities, budgets and the number of requests received will determine if a sponsorship will or will not be granted. 

Selection criteria

The person or organization seeking a sponsorship must meet the following requirements:

  • Fill out the form below,
  • Demonstrate that the event will promote a positive image of F. Ménard,
  • Ensure that the visual promotional materials that include F. Ménard’s image will be approved prior to its printing or its use,
  • Submit the application within a reasonable delay (at least two months prior to the planned event),
  • Commit to submitting a report of the activity and the results achieved,

Application form

What you expect to receive from F. Ménard: