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Research and Development

" We strongly believe in experimenting, the root of each of our breakthroughs. "

— Luc Ménard, General Director

To keep abreast of developments in pork and food production, f. ménard has its own research unit, which carries out more than thirty tests per year.

Headed by a biologist with a Master’s degree in Science, the team carries out its work in specialized farms as well on pork meat itself.

Genetic testing, feed programs, hog health, meat safety, animal welfare, new technologies, new principles in piggery construction and management practices, analysis of repercussions on meat quality; really nothing escapes the scrutiny of this highly qualified team.

The many tests and research activities aim at providing the company and its associated livestock producers with tools to maximize the return on investments, to increase competitiveness and to develop a better approach to environmental protection and animal welfare. The ultimate goal? To provide consumers with a healthy product of superior quality.

Moreover, F. Ménard is a founding member of Université de Montreal’s research chair on meat safety.

For F. Ménard, innovating for quality is much more than a family tradition; it is also a company vision!