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Production Model

Mastering the origin is guaranteeing the quality

  • Research and development

    Research and development

    Innovation is the key to success

  • Insemination centre

    Insemination centre

    Selecting the best breeding animals: a priority

  • Animal feed

    Animal feed

    Focus on feed and guaranteeing an impact on meat

  • Sow Herd

    Sow Herd

    Biosafety, a priority

  • Nursery


    Animal welfare, a constant concern

  • Finishing barn

    Finishing barn

    Success shared between employees and associated farmers

  • Meat cutting plant

    Meat cutting plant

    An ultra-modern plant on the cutting-edge of technology

  • Exports


    Quality standards among the highest in the world

  • Processing plant

    Processing plant

    Creativity and flavours

  • Finished product

    Finished product

    Fresh, gourmet products … near your home!