Cooking time

13 min

Suggested cooking methods


1 kg

A high quality bacon

F. Ménard's bacon sets itself apart from the competition first and foremost for its unique taste and authentic shape and appearance. Smoked slowly at a very high temperature and according to a long-refined recipe, it is of irreproachable quality and meets the expectations of true bacon enthusiasts.

Tips and tricks


In the oven

Place the bacon in a shallow baking dish covered with aluminum foil.

Bake in preheated oven at 400 ° F until desired texture is achieved.

There is no need to return it. Tap to absorb the fat that has accumulated.

In the skillet

Place the bacon in a skillet.

Cook over medium heat until the desired texture is obtained, turning frequently.

Tap to absorb excess fat.


If you want to make bacon flakes, rather than cooking whole slices, chop the bacon before cooking and cook until crisp, stirring occasionally.

To avoid having too much bent bacon, cook on low heat.

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