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Maintaining The Highest Standards Of Safety

Since F. Ménard aims at achieving the highest standards of safety, the company has instilled a rigorous biosecurity program, which prevents the introduction of new infectious agent in its herds. 

The program comprises the following rules among others:

  • Compulsory showers for all employees before entering a maternity site;
  • Wearing specific garments and boots on farms, and during transport;
  • Sanitization of materials to be introduced on farms;
  • Access control on production sites;
  • Daily washing and disinfection of trucks.

Through this strict biosecurity program, the highest standards of safety can be maintained while respecting animal integrity.

Thanks to all the team’s hard work, to a better understanding of the sources of new infectious agent and to the performance of sophisticated prevention tools, consumers can enjoy healthy, tender and delicious pork meat with complete peace of mind. A meat derived from F. Ménard’s know-how and its standards of hygiene.